Conference Sponsors

Academic, Public and Private institutions can be a sponsor for the conference. Please contact us for more information about sponsorship opportunities and the benefits of sponsorship.


CIBES Research Group organizes meetings in a regular base with the members for discussing new projects and collaboration opportunities.

CIBES Research Group

The conference is organized by the CIBES Research Group. Please contact us for being a member of the research group.

Academic Collaborations

Please contact us for academic collaborations about editing books, special issues and creating research and academic projects.

Past Conferences

You can Access to the abstract and full paper books proceedings in this section.


Any updates, success and achievements regarding the members and research groups will be shared under this section.


The Conference on Current Issues in Business and Economics Studies aims at providing a robust contribution to the field of business and economics including multidisciplinary perspectives. Also, the conference creates a platform for academics across the globe. We are looking forward to welcoming the leading scholars in Paris.